Electronic Filing/48-Hour Tax Preparation

14 July

We can prepare most personal income tax returns while you wait. If you do not want to wait, we can have your return prepared within 48 hours after it is dropped off to us.

Guaranteed Accuracy

We guarantee that your return will be prepared accurately.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is not something to be thought about only once a year . . . April 15th. Decisions made throughout the year can greatly affect the amount of taxes you may have to pay or the amount of refund you are entitled to. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing at “tax-time” that a financial decision had been made on your own the previous year and the result of that decision ended up with you writing a check out to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sadorian & Company, Inc is available to discuss the tax consequences of your financial decisions and set forth a plan to achieve the maximum tax benefit provided by the law. That is why the trained tax professionals at Sadorian & Company, Inc are available for tax planning questions throughout the year.

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